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Saturday, March 04, 2006

oh! oh! I forgot!!

A couple things..

So I've been trying to get back in shape after having my kids - and it's been going pretty well. I started this weight loss support group in January of 2005 and the WEEK after I joined I found out I was pregnant with Gavin. So I quit going. Who wants to diet when they are pregnant? Then a month after Gavin was born I started to go again. And I ended up weighing the exact same thing 1 month post partum as I did the first week I joined. Everyone was pretty amazed at that. I don't know if it's the nursing (gotta be) because I don't really do that much exercise. Just trying to eat less, and better.

Anyway! Tonight I thought I'd try on some outfits.. you know, the ones that are pushed waaaaay to the back of your closet, the ones that are dusty on top from lack of wear. Yeah, those ones. One was a skirt/jacket suit that I can't even remember what I bought it for it's that old, and it fit! One was a bridesmaid dress from my best friend in highschool. She was married before I was. And it was BIG on me tonight. BIG! BAGGY! Hanging off of me! eeeeee!! I tried on my wedding dress too. My poor poor forgotten about wedding dress. The train is still muddy from walking through the puddles on my wedding night. I left it hanging out so I can take it to the cleaners the next time I go. The wedding dress fit almost perfectly. It was a bit big on me too, but would pass.

Do I DARE try on my highschool graduation dress???? Terry says no way. He says it won't fit - not even close. He sucks. Is it a bad idea to try it on? And risk it not fitting? Risk him being RIGHT? Ugh, I'd hate that! What do I do?


At 10:10 PM , Anonymous honestyrain said...

i would so totally do it and risk feeling like crap. i don't recommend that ;)

At 11:16 AM , Anonymous honestyrain said...

i thought you were gonna post again so i would have something to read....

At 10:33 PM , Blogger Kristy said...

You go girl, I'm SOOO excited for you. I LOOOOVE that feeling when just for the heck of it, try on some skinny clothes and OMG, they fit! That is THE best feeling. Glad to hear that my Wedding dress is not the only one with mud stains STILL on it, in fact you're lucky, cause I can't even FIND my wedding dress. It's some where at my mom and dad's.


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