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Saturday, May 13, 2006

a night at the movies!

The kids took me out to see a movie tonight (well, more like I took them really) for mother's day (which, not so much today, but tomorrow.. but you know) We went to see RV . The parts of the movie I saw were pretty cute. But then I'm a fan of the National Lampoons Vacation movies too. Thank peter I decided to purchase 2 snack pac's, and 1 family pac at the concession stand, because that was the only thing keeping my kids in their seats. I literally had to hand out smarties to kids 1 at a time the entire length of the movie. They liked the rv crashing and mishap parts, but the rest was a little over their heads. And I only had to take Hannah to the bathroom twice! Woooo!

I SO better be getting breakfast made for me tomorrow too ...

Wednesday, May 10, 2006


new school better than old school, so, yay!

old school wasn't "bad". it's just that the only kids going into kindergarten with him were 3 girls. and while that may be fun and all when he's, say, a teenager. we'll be going with the school with a nice even 5 girls, 5 boys registered.

plus this new school! they do fun stuff! like, taking walks to the local grocery store for soap! and to the post office! what little kid doesn't love a field trip to the post office? and they are having a teddy bear picnic. in which the children will wear their pajamas. to school. they'll play games, wear their pj's, eat snacks and did I mention wear their jammies? how cute is that?

and for nursery graduation? they wear real little caps and gowns. I could cry right now at the thought. omg, it's too much cute for me, really.

so yay! new school a successssssss.

Monday, May 08, 2006

new school tomorrow..

So, it's gonna be a big day. We've decided to check out a different school for my son tomorrow. He'll be starting kindergarten in September and the school he's presently enrolled in preschool at has 4 girls in his class and him. No other boys. Is it weird that I'm so sad about that?! His new school though? Will have 5 other boys! And 5 other girls! (yes, that's alot for our little towns) I hope it's perfect. My shy little guy. He was so nervous about tomorrow he couldn't fall asleep for over an hour tonight. I hope he loves it - I'm so nervous for him. It breaks my heart to hear him sad and scared. Blah.

Wish us luck!

Saturday, May 06, 2006


it's not the softest place to lay your head.....but whatever works I say.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

I'm sick...

I don't feel well at all. I've got an ache in my tummy. I'm pretty sure I'll pull through - but it's gonna be hard. I feel really nervous, and unsure. Pretty sad about having to hold off. Oh, and I'm pretty sure what I've got is contagious. I've got the fever. The baby fever.

Everyone around me, friends, relatives.. are having more babies! I love having babies! MY baby is so big already - when did he get so BIG? I want more. I'm afraid if I have more that still won't be enough. I'm sad just thinking about the day I once and for all say that I'm done. That I won't ever feel a little baby growing inside me again. I wish my memory were a little better, so that I could remember the sickness, the always sleepy, the pain. I wish I could remember the excitment, the joy, the anticipation. Because then maybe just remembering would be enough. But it's not.

I'm pretty sure this sickness I have is crazy. But I can't help it.

Friday, April 28, 2006


The sun setting looked so pretty during a walk last night...

did that guys hair burn???

so this morning while my husband and almost 5 year old son were watching the sports highlights, the tv mentioned how this guy was fired. the guy happened to have grey hair. my little boy wonders though, did that guy's hair burn? get it? fired? grey hair? burnt in a fire?

ha! they don't miss a beat, do they.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Dora Time!

We use Dora time in our house. As in, we'll be there in 2 dora shows. Pizza takes roughly 1 dora time to cook. And bedtime is approximately 18 dora times away. (yay!)

Shut up, how else do you explain time to a 3 and 5 year old? They know the big hand on the clock goes around one time for 1 hour, but that means nothing to them! As if they are going to sit there watching the clock waiting for that! But dora time means mommy gets to get some other stuff done instead of answering a million times that it's not time yet!

Whatever works, ya know?

mmmm pizza....