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Wednesday, May 10, 2006



At 7:47 PM , Blogger DrinkJack said...

What part of getting older turns flexibility into dust? I think I am going to blame solid foods.

At 7:48 PM , Anonymous honestyrain said...

the eyes on that kid! such a cutie. and he sure looks happy as can be with those little toes for lunch!

At 2:21 AM , Anonymous kerri anne said...

Oh, how flexible we all used to be. :)

So adorable, that one. :)

At 10:07 AM , Blogger Special K said...

I can see why you want more...who could pass up a cutie like that.

At 3:41 PM , Anonymous Peaches said...

Our son used to LOVE taking off his socks and sucking on his big toe (I think he preferred the left big toe). Then he'd giggle when I caught him.

They're so friggin' cute at that age. And yes, the eyes..they are gorgeous.

At 6:26 PM , Blogger PSUMommy said...

I love it when they suck on their feet! And those eyes! You have a beautiful baby!

At 10:59 PM , Anonymous Lisa said...

Those are so so cute. What baby doesnt love a good set of toes.


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