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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Who needs to sleep?

Not me, that's who. No way. If I never get a single moment of sleep my entire life I will be JUST fine. Really. I have sort of gone into robot mode. I am not in a solid place right now. My nights have become so interrupted and basically fucked up that I've decided why bother? Gavin thinks he can just lay in my bed and grunt and fart all night. Hannah is a bit sicky, and while she's tiny - she knows how to use all of a king size bed.

But I'm fine, I have been weaned off sleep! How great is that? I am baking cakes, and cleaning floors, I am emptying garbages and doing dishes, I am taking care of sick and cranky kids, building forts, and folding laundry (gasp!) all with zero chocolate in my system.

I'm a freaking Rock Star. Seriously. That, and I need some alcohol!


At 10:36 PM , Anonymous Lisa said...

After a while who needs sleep anymore. It caught with me though after 2 years. Now I am so tired all the time. Oh yeah I guess I am pregnant too.

At 10:02 AM , Anonymous honestyrain said...

ya sleep. the only time i get to sleep is when i'm sick and even then, not as much as dan would be allowed.

i'll take you or a drink. let's go get drunk.

At 9:52 PM , Blogger buffi said...

Oh, man. Sleep. I remember that! Fondly. Then I had kids. Yes, sleep is a distant memory.

Alcohol is good though. I'm with honestyrain. Let's go get drunk!

At 6:45 PM , Anonymous archshrk said...

Hey there. Just wanted to stop by and see what's happening. I went through college without sleep so I have an idea what you mean but I didn't have any kids nor do I still. Of course "my kids will be different" haha bet you've heard that one before. Anyway, just wanted to spead some comment cheer and remind you that your honestyrain's favorite :)

At 9:27 AM , Blogger Kristy said...

AHHHHHH! The sleep thing. Same here and on top of that diet and exercise on no energy or chocolate, just live on coffee and the ocasional alcoholic bevarage! I too just need a GOOD drunk!
No sleep but more time for sex, that's the bonus!


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