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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Dora Time!

We use Dora time in our house. As in, we'll be there in 2 dora shows. Pizza takes roughly 1 dora time to cook. And bedtime is approximately 18 dora times away. (yay!)

Shut up, how else do you explain time to a 3 and 5 year old? They know the big hand on the clock goes around one time for 1 hour, but that means nothing to them! As if they are going to sit there watching the clock waiting for that! But dora time means mommy gets to get some other stuff done instead of answering a million times that it's not time yet!

Whatever works, ya know?

mmmm pizza....


At 8:05 PM , Blogger DrinkJack said...

Ok, I give. What is "Dora"? Do I needs kids to understand?

At 2:28 PM , Anonymous kerri said...

Pizza sounds SO good right now.

DMJ: Dora! The Explorer! (She is a cartoon show of her own name, and likes to go on adventures.) Is it sad that I know that and don't have kids? :)

At 3:48 PM , Anonymous honestyrain said...

everything is 2 minutes around here. except at bed time jake always says i neeed to stay 80 minutes. ha. no way kid.

At 10:46 PM , Blogger buffi said...

HA! We used to use "Blues Clues" time. Very disheartening when you are on the flight from London to Houston and your only way of explaining is that it is "20 Blues Clues..."

At 9:54 AM , Anonymous Peaches said...

We always had the egg timer or oven timer handy. It was..."when the timer goes off we're gonna...". I mean really, who can argue with a timer? It doesn't lie about how much time has passed (although it was easy to get away with going by and adding more time or subtracting time when he wasn't looking). Timers work!

Sounds like Dora time works too.


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