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Tuesday, October 26, 2004're just THIS tired.  Posted by Hello


what is it about typing that, that makes me feel so much better??

my instant messenger friend should never be allowed to have better things to do than be a stressed out mommy venting steam online with me at night.

I could be watching tv with my husband. I am into the curse and all, but blah.

I should be sewing scooters halloween costume, but uh.. it's too dark outside and I need good light to do it. yeah.. uh.. that's right.

I could be having wicked hot sex but sicky hubby and his vapor rub makes my eyes water when I get within 3 feet of him.



a sewing nightmare

oh for the love of all that's holy!! what was I THINKING?! sewing my sweet little girl a halloween costume is NOT as easy as one might think.

First let me say that it's been a long time since I've followed instructions. I'm one of those people who likes to invent recipes. And if you ask my husband what my latest creation in the kitchen was he will cringe at the memory. (it's not all bad, he's just a sissy boy who whines when he's sick - I love you baby! hehe)

Instructions are stupid. We do not get along. I have since dumped said instructions and am going at this blind.

Who needs little notches cut out in the fabric to line it up??? Who can't see that this piece is the leg, and this is the arm? Screw it. And basting.. basting is for losers with no sense of adventure.

She will look darling in her black and white kitty costume on Sunday. 5 days from now. Sunday. Halloween.


healthy snacks!

it's worth a post - really it is.

people, tonight. my son, the most picky 3 year old eater in the universe - ate a banana and a handful of raisins for a snack.

there were no cheese slices or pretzels. no pudding or pizza pops.

banana, and raisins.


sick husbands everywhere..

is it really THAT BAD? The snorting and grunting and sighing and omg I'm just so darn sick I can't breeeeeeeeeaaaaaaathe......

c'mon. what do you want me to do exactly? I have been sick too. I shared my cold with you. (you're welcome by the way) But I really wish I'd have kept it. It's far too draining listening to my husband complain about being sick. He begged me (yes, begged) to slather some vapor rub on his chest and back tonight. And I did. Alot. I thought he needed alot. He acts like he needs alot. And now he won't stop complaining because his shirt is sticking to him because I put too much.

blaaaaaaah... just gimmie back my cold and lets get on with it already.

dirty secrets

reason #348 why I need to get a fucking lock for the cabinet under my bathroom sink.

my sweet darling little pumpkin handing out tampons to everyone that came over for supper tonight.


fun in the ditch! I just dropped that last oh-so-yummy bite of fudgesicle onto my snazzy blue flower power jammie pants.


Sunday, October 17, 2004

I love

waking up in the morning with my kids in my bed...all snuggled together, her head in his armpit and his arm over her chest. it doesn't get any better than that. My husband and I only have 3 inches of bed each - in a king sized bed. How can little people take up so much cuddle room???

having breakfast made for me. bacon, hashbrowns, toast and orange juice. today is my day. sunday mommy gets breakfast made for her. ;-)

I'm secretly excited about snow. I am not crazy about the cold, or the thought of having to dress my little ones in 38 layers just to stay warm. But the look on my sons face when he hears someone talk about how snow is coming makes me ache for it *for him*.

hot chocolate, and the yummy strawberry cheesecake we had last night.

pretty woman and dirty dancing.


my computer and the sanity it gives me.

Friday, October 15, 2004

a road trip

that's right. you read that correctly. a road trip in itself is bad enough with a 1 and 3 year old. and it's not even a big trip. it's 30 mintues. the stuff that goes into a 30 minute car ride is insane. the toys, the snacks, the extra clothes and diapers. my purse, my husbands wallet and his glasses. he always forgets his glasses. for the love of god can you not remember to bring anything????

and to make it oh so much more enjoyable - we'll be travelling to my mother in laws house. good times. I've already told my husband to rest up because once he gets there, there will be tvs to fix, light bulbs to change, leaking faucets to stop and I'm not exagerating ... shingles to affix. I don't think she needs a visit from her son, she needs a handyman. A live in handyman who doesn't have a gut the size of a 9 month pregnant woman. One who isn't out of breath because of said gut after taking only 3 steps. I'm not trying to be mean. Really. I'm not. But for the love of pete can we just visit? We'll give you money for the darn handyman. You know? It's not even that my husband minds doing these things for his mother. He does it every single time with no complaints. But she beats around the bush about this stuff and it just drives me inSANE. INSANE people. She will make you feel guilty and never really say what she needs. She will say...."my hip is so sore. your brother never comes to visit. he said he'd change that light bulb for me last week, but I guess we'll just stumble around in the dark until he comes back next month" FOR CRYING OUT LOUD JUST SAY "would you mind reaching up to that light for me?"

Oh happy times.

your feet stink and your bum is too small

that's what she said. *that's* suppossed to be inspiration? she's only half freaking right - but who's feet DON'T stink??? I think she just wants to hear about my ass..... perhaps that will be another post.