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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

sewing! more sewing! ahh!

omg omg omg *deep breath* I think someone might be way over their heads in this sewing business. omg omg. someone, not mentioning names, just might have bought 2 of every single thing the local fabric store had. omg we're talking things that stretch and things that wrinkle and things that zip and things that stick and things that drive. things that drive people. in a fabric store! omg omg! *exhale* Terry will KILL me if I don't make a minimum of 37 different items of clothing for our daughter with all these supplies. who DOES that? who lets their wife run rampant in a fabric store with all sorts of things fabricy!

I know I can do it. I can. Honest. And I will. Am just feeling a wee bit overwhelmed about the pressure. I have to succeed now. If I don't I will never live it down. Just like that time I tried to make chicken cacciatore and even the dog wouldn't eat it. No one remembers that kick ass fettuccine I made that time, or the pizza - I fucking rule at making pizza. Or the soup. The soup! Noooooo, it's that stupid chicken thing. Chickens are dumb - but dresses - for cute darling little girls - MUST be perfect!

The pressure, it is ON baby. Eeeeekkkkk!

Monday, February 27, 2006

so my 2 year old says...

as I ask her if she'd like a milkshake for supper with her perogies and fish sticks and she tells me "But don't make it with that skinny milk!" as in skim milk. she doesn't want the skinny milk. why, you ask? because her father says that he doesn't like skim milk... says it's like drinking water. How will I ever get skinny if I can't drink the skinny milk I ask you!?

Friday, February 24, 2006

awww my heart. it just might explode.

She didn't know I was watching her "read" to him, then got all embarrassed when she did.

My ~ 20 things ~

My 20 things from Mama Says Om

1. Almost every time I dream it's the same one.

2. I am a reality tv show junkie.

3. I've lost 20 lbs since giving birth to my 3rd baby (10 lbs more to go) but haven't dropped a dress size.

4. I've never done this before and I'm having a really hard time thinking of 20 things about myself!

5. I hate laundry. teeheehee But I love to sew.

6. I cry when a Canadian wins an Olympic medal.

7. I laugh when my daughter wants my attention and calls me "Mommy Dawn!" complete with hands on hips action. (Dawn being my middle name and her's)

8. I've never flown on an airplane.

9. I wanted to be a Paralegal when I grew up.

10. I still do.

11. I love the new Hershey dark chocolate chips.

12. Damn No one told me how hard this is!

13. I've managed to break the habit of biting/peeling my fingernails after doing it for 23 years.

14. I still have the urge to do it daily.

15. I can be a very cranky person and don't understand how my husband puts up with me at times.

16. I love to play board games.

17. I live on a cattle farm.

18. I want to have 1 more baby and know in my heart it would be a girl. I knew with my other 3 kiddos too.

19. I love to draw.

20. SO glad that's over!


UPDATE!! Pillows are finished!

Making pillows makes me soooooo happy you cannot even imagine!!!

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

I can't take it anymore!

I swear if I get ONE MORE stupid email where it tells me I need to forward it to 10 people within an hour or my wish will not come true I may take a hammer to my computer!!! Sometimes you get a nice little poem, or some words of advice only to have it ruined at the end with the fucking forwarding. omg people your dreams and wishes will not come true if you just DELETE! Or the promise of making big bucks! Little suzy is walking her way across the universe to raise money for breast cancer and if you forward this to as many people as possible microsoft!!! with send little suzy some cash! Or even worse - you can make 250 dollars a day if you forward this email because, you know, microsoft and aol are monitoring EVERYONES emails. OMG STOP it or I swear I will not be able to hold back the urge to smack you.

why do people keep believing this crap? why?!

whew - I feel better now.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

eating at the inlaws

What a treat. It's not that my mother in law is a horrible cook. She just has some horrible habits. Like using butter, with everything. I've been trying to get back in shape after having my babies and eating better and then we go there and my poor stomach can't handle the shock. The butter shock. Butter dripping off the perogies, mashed potatoes are so yellow and creamy with the butter (and uh, probably cream too) sugar and syrup in the chili, fat sliced right on the ham because the fat? is the best. part. ewwwwww can you feel your hips expanding just reading about it?

And I haven't even talked about the dessert yet. The lemon pie and apple cake with ice cream. Because? How can you have cake without ice cream? And the extremely large portion sizes! And you must have a piece of EACH! um, no thanks!

Then after supper, when I'm helping wash every single dish and pot she owns (because you cannot cook without using every plate, cup, utensil, pot or pan in the house) she says to me that I look good! I've lost weight! How am I doing it?!

The sad thing is, no one would be able to teach her a healthier way to cook. She is too stubborn in her ways. She's been doing it this way for over 50 years! She can't comprehend that there could be a different way of cooking. She doesn't understand calories or know how to read the fat content on the labels. Not that elderly people can't - just that my mother in law can't. Short of going there and doing all the cooking for her (um, no) there is nothing I can do.

the things kids do...

you know how there are good days? when you wake up and your kids are happy and no one is fighting or screaming or crying. and then there are those bad days. which is so not about any of that good stuff.

so today (so far) has been a good day. my kids woke up happy, early, but happy.. and have been super cute.

here are a few things that they have done that just make me smile ( and hope to god the rest of the day goes as smoothly)

*Dylan and the way his 4 year old self dances. Awkward and Adorable all at the same time.

*How when I told my 2 year old Hannah to be quiet because her little brother was still sleeping she started this exagerated tip toeing motion that was everything but actually quiet.

*How she can have a great! idea! And go on with much excitment about it. And when I ask what the great idea is she tells me it's having some chocolate for breakfast.

*How my almost 6 month old Gavin growls at me whenever I look at him.

*How Hannah tells me she's going to get dressed all by herself only to have her come out of her room dressed in a different nightgown.

*How I tell Dylan to go pee before we leave and when I happen to walk by the bathroom he yells at me that "I don't want you to know I'm peeing, ok Mommy!" Sure buddy, never saw a thing I reply. And he's satisfied with that.

*Speaking of pee - How Hannah needs me to come help her go because the nightgown she's currently wearing is too long and is hard to hold up while she's hovering her little behind on the toilet. And as soon as I help her she demands that she needs "priacy". And how I only get one foot out of the bathroom before she's yelling at me that "I'm dooooooneee!"

*How when I talk to Gavin and make a sad face he gets a pouty lip like he will cry too.

*How Hannah asks me to play dollies with her and as soon as I do she plays hard to get with her doll and tells me her doll has to go home now.

*How Dylan just looked at a picture of winnie the pooh and decided he would draw it himself and you can totally tell what it is.

*How super cuddly and soft Gavin is. Especially wearing this certain red fleece sleeper.

Now, I must go make them banana bread and maybe take them outside for a walk. Turns out it's not as cold today. But if I stay in - you know - laundry.

Friday, February 17, 2006

did I mention cold?

well, it still is.

-47 celcius with the windchill.

we have no water.

pipes they are bursting.

water it is freezing.

wweeeeeee! no laundry today!


Thursday, February 16, 2006

cold... soooo cold...

I let my vehicle run for 20 minutes before I got in to drive this morning, and it took me another 20 after I started to drive for it to warm up enough to pick up to the speed limit. There is ice on all of my lovely triple pane windows. Triple pane! And some in the north/east corner of my sons bedroom. Did you hear me? Frost coming into my house because it's that cold. I want spring even though it means mud and mud means laundry and lots of it.

And in case you didn't know I hate laundry. I tend to let it get away from me. I do not iron - ever. I do however pile. I am a piler of all things laundry related. And eventually the pile gets so high that the kids think it's a fun play mountain for them. They climb on my bed and jump into the laundry. I get so far behind the clean clothes piled in baskets start to take over my bedroom floor and it's not until there is only a tiny path leading to my bathroom that I cave and start to fold. And fold alllll day. This is what the finished folding looks like. (please note the sleeping baby who was not injured or at all aware of the chaos and insanity surrounding him)

brrrrrr.. did I mention cold? so cold all you can do is laundry.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

back on the wagon, or horse or blogworld whathaveyou...

So once again I've been forced into this blog thing. Forced did you hear me?

Basically we can pick back up where we left off except for one little thing. I have another baby now! Mother of three! There - you're all caught up - whew!

Now the reason I came here. A story! How exciting!

It was Valentine's Day yesterday (duh) and I personally think it's the most stupid "holiday" ever. So while hubby and I are driving through town we notice the floral shop and I say Hey, look at all those schmucks standing in line, their cars left running outside, exhaust so thick you can barely see the store front, waiting for the ladies (because they bring in extra help just for this one day) to help them buy way over priced flowers and things for the woman they love. Did I mention over priced? See, my husband made me this way. He made me hate Valentines Day. If you love the day and feel the need to flame someone let me know and I will give you his email address.
ANYWAY! I carry on with the "Valentines day is dumb, why do you need a DAY? Why can't you just pick any old day to say hey, I love you! I appreciate you! Here's a decent priced floral arrangement!" When I look over and notice the look on my husbands face. His lips are sort of stuck together, and his face looks a little pale, he'd like to shut his eyes and avoid me all together but he's driving so he can't. I say, "What? What did you do?"

He just shook his head. "You didn't." He says he did. He ordered them yesterday and now feels really stupid. *sigh*

At least he knew which ones I love. Carnations! and Daisies! And they are very beautiful....